The Lumpy Pumpkin

The kids all run off in front of their moms
And frolic and romp and hum scary songs
It’s autumn now and as leaves start to fall
So does the hunt for best pumpkin of all

The kids sprint around the farm’s pumpkin patch
In hopes of finding the one perfect match
The one that’s orange and so very round
With plenty of space for a smile or frown

Kids at the pumpkin patch

The children don’t know that down on the vine
The pumpkins all wait for their chance to shine
On porches and streets oh-so-nicely displayed
On windowsills ’til Thanksgiving Day

Folks come to the farm from across the county
To cherish and reap the seasonal bounty
The families all pick and sample and try
The pumpkins, ciders and fresh apple pies

Good pumpkins can come in all different sizes
And some are so great they even win prizes
But one was shaped strange and sort of lopsided
And try as he might Pete just couldn’t hide it

Pete Pumpkin was odd and the smallest of nine
Great pumpkins that made up a beautiful vine
His brothers were round and his sisters all shone
But Pete was lumpy and not fully grown

Kids picking pumpkins

And they got picked there on that very first day
And soon his sisters would go the same way
The kids then took them away underarm
And left poor Pete by himself at the farm

He perked right up at the sound of footsteps
Each one a new kid he hadn’t yet met
But they passed him by and went for his brothers
And carried them off with their doting mothers

Pete thought of his mom who’d been best in class
And how she would tell him whenever he asked
That “Beauty is deep and comes from inside
And that’s why I think … you’ll make a great pie.” 

Then came two hands and he went up from the ground
And into the air! At last he’d been found!
“This one’s got bruises and gross soft spots, Mom!”
“Then drop it down, Chris, and just run along.”

Lumpy pumpkin reject

As Pete dropped beneath the shade of a leaf
He dreamed no longer of a smile and teeth
Or being eaten as a homemade dessert
His future was here with the weeds and the dirt

The crowds now died down and with them Pete’s dreams
Of grins and candles and a great Halloween
For pumpkins that sit soon spoil and starve
When all Pete wanted was a small smile carved 

For pumpkins all crave the scariest face
And staying uncarved is just a disgrace
But still Pete sat there unpicked and alone
Why’d he have to be just so weirdly grown?

His doubts soon festered since he’d been forgotten
And left by himself to grow old and rotten
When a hand touched his leaf and he felt it curl
Then came a giggle from one little girl

With freckles, pigtails and really cute dimples
He fell for her smile for it was so simple
But to Pete’s horror she put him back down
And there on his face grew the saddest frown

Pete felt faded and blah and like a real bumpkin
While his girl went off with some other pumpkin
One normal looking, without scars or bumps
And certainly not a real lumpy grump

But the girl was back and she’d brought a cart
She lifted him up and so swelled his heart
For pumpkins they say all have but one match
And Pete had found his that day at the patch The lumpy pumpkin gets picked

The very next day was Halloween night
His snaggletooth smile scared kids left and right
And though the candle burnt out in the dark
You couldn’t put out the smile in his heart.

Happy lumpy pumpkin
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